Oeuvrre makes 3D Casts of Baby Hands and Baby feet and all those tiny things that matter most and helps you retain memories of all those special moments when time stood still and your face lit up with joy.

We make 3D casts of hands and feet, pregnant bellies and pet’s paws and set them on frames or as miniature jewellery to celebrate a special bond for eternity.

Taking moulds of your baby’s hands or feet, we set them in Casts and bring out the minutest details for you to get life like 3D Casts of your baby’s precious limbs.

Photographs and portraits last a life time, but they are simply one dimensional. Our Casts are three dimensional and life like. Shrink them to fit into a ring or enlarge them to take centre space on a frame, they are special and make for perfect adornments to your homes. Plus, they are great conversation starters and you will surely have many more discussions centred around these wonderful pieces of art.

Each piece is unique and will be close to your hearts, afterall time flies and before you know it, your angelic baby has grown into a beautiful young woman whose hands are tiny no more. Memories are cherished and these 3D Casts will be cherished for generations to come.

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