About us

About Oeuvrre

Wanting to preserve a moment in time, a time in space and a beautiful memory in solid form is how Oeuvrre was born. Photographs can be taken in plenty, but photographs fade or tear or get lost through time. A 3d Cast of baby hands or feet however stands through time as a testament to a beautiful period of joy and fulfilment.

When Riccha the creator became a mother herself, she wanted to keep touching her baby’s hands and feet, keep cuddling them forever. However, she realised that was practically impossible. She turned to the ancient artform that her grandmother had taught her and started making 3D Casts of her child’s hands and feet. She then started making for her family and friends and word spread. Her passion, dedication and beautiful creations soon had people seeking her out to make 3D Casts for their families.

These unique creations stand the test of time, can be preserved forever and are always a testament of that time when your world revolved around your angelic baby. This need to preserve a memory forever is how Riccha Dubey thought of "Oeuvrre”. Oeuvrre was born with a wonderful idea of casting your new born baby hands, feet, pregnant belly, and the baby’s cute little butt. The thought further evolved and Riccha now caters to couples in love, revered saints, precious daughters, faithful four-legged friends, pregnant bellies and more.

These 3D Casts add character and class to a room, a house or a wall. They are unique, one of a kind gifts that last for generations to come.

What is 3D Casting

It's a unique art form which preserves the impressions of your baby's hands and feet in gold, silver and bronze casts! Babies grow so quickly, so we help you to capture the moment when your baby's hands and feet are so tiny and cute by making a 3D casting. Framed baby hand and feet sculptures are a truly magical way of capturing how cute and tiny your child's little hands and feet looked when they were small. We guarantee to produce casts of breathtaking quality and intricate detail.

About the creator

Riccha is a Commerce Graduate who is also trained in technical analysis for the stock market. However we know we all do much better when we do it from our heart.

Riccha Dubey

Riccha is an Artist in her Heart and it shows in her work because although she knows that the concept of 3D Castings is new in India; she continues to create Oeuvrre and promote it with the passion of a tough nut.

Creating awareness amongst the customers is difficult and sometimes frustrating, especially when the concept cannot be explained by words alone. The beauty of the concept has to be felt & touched. However customer mentality is now changing and young couples and young parents are happily coming forward willing to experiment.

Not only this, Riccha also does a wonderful job by contributing 10% of the charges to charity in the name of the child/person for whom the castings were made. The company does not take any credit for the amount. The charitable trust can be chosen by the client or else it goes to orphanages in the form of books and clothing. So let's take an impression and leave an impression on the society.