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What is 3D Casting?

3D Casting is a unique art form which preserves the impressions of your baby's hands and feet in gold, silver and bronze casts! Babies grow so quickly, so we help you to capture the moment when your baby's hands and feet are so tiny and cute by making a 3D casting. Framed baby hand and feet sculptures are a truly magical way of capturing how cute and tiny your child's little hands and feet looked when they were small. We guarantee to produce casts of breathtaking quality and intricate detail.

What is it used for?

Memories are a very important part of our lives. Is this not why we click pictures and photo albums are created. Now it's time to take a step ahead. Our final product will only add an extra dimension to your memories. This service and the final out can be used to enhance the collection of your memories.

Where can I get 3d casting done?

Right here, with us. Get in touch with us we do the needful.

How long does the process take?

The process starts with the help of Non toxic clay whenever you require a model for eg: foot. The foot is covered with this non toxic clay and then the impression is collected. Then a setting material is used. This is followed by a 3D model generation and then by painting a thin coat of colour or any other material of your choice is applied and framed.

What are the charges?

The charges depend on 2 things, the body part to be casted and the frame chosen by you.

Chemical used in the process have any chance of rashes, allergies or any kind of side effects?

The mixture used in this process is totally tested and tried on self. It is non toxic and totally safe to be used with kids and delicate skin.

What if I am not based in Mumbai and still want to get it done?

Not a worry at all. All you need to do is get some more of your friends interested. The return ticket of 1 person is needed from Mumbai and the city you reside in. If you have friends who are willing to get it done, then the cost per person will go down as the airfare can be divided by all.

What are the display options available?

You can chose from the photo gallery available or decide on any other idea you have.

What are the casts made of?

We pour a high quality sculpting medium into the molds which we have taken of your babies hands and feet. We do not use plaster as this does not last for a long time.

How do we take the impression?

We take a mold of your babies hands and feet by placing a foam type consistency mixture around their little hand and foot which takes approximately 30 seconds to set. Once this has set we gently remove the mold.

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